While Saudi Arabia shines among the major oil providers in the world, the market for non-oil locally produced products is much shallower. However, where others saw no potential, Made In Saudi saw an opportunity and aimed to create an industry for Saudi goods to be used locally and eventually expanded to a global level. TrackingKSA is one of the firms with the same vision that has chosen to join the ‘Made In Saudia’ dream, and they are excited to venture on this fruitful journey. With the support of TrackingKSA, the ‘Saudi Made’ logo will inch ever closer to becoming recognized globally and bring non-oil Saudi products onto the radar. 

Additionally, the extensive range of benefits Made in Saudi offers to its members is a compelling offer in itself to place your faith in the organisation. They offer a chance to gain direct exposure through their website and to advertise a variety of products in their program directory. With this partnership, TrackingKSA can now proceed to use the Saudi Made logo in corporate communications as well as use it for widespread branding of locally made high-quality products. This program also presents a window to interact with governmental entities in the public sector.

Furthermore, the following initiative has enabled Tracking KSA to be granted access to workshops to participate in training and receive consultation related to obtaining quality certifications, expanding to international markets, and improving local content. This leaves ample room to network with other program members and learn more through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The underlying motivation behind Tracking’s membership of Made In Saudi constitutes a future proof enterprise that has its goals in line with the Vision 2030 project for Saudi Arabia. This is the result of an amalgamated effort made by multiple projects underway, underlying a similar goal: to ensure that Saudi Arabia emerges as a regional leader in products & services other than oil.

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