Hasde Chehre

Hasde Chehrian da ae matlab ni honda k onu koi dukh ni, ida matlab honda k onu dukh handle krne ande ne

This phrase pretty much sums up the life of our jolly social media manager, Hafsah Khan. Her job revolves around handling all the social media pages for our clients and getting scolded (the second part of her job is probably more strictly observed than the first part). From putting up attractive stories, maintaining community services, helping your social media pages get additional reach, she does it all

When she is not working at the office (which is quite a lot of times), you will find her sleeping on one of the bean bags at the office. According to her, the only thing interesting in her life is nothing. She says what she likes to do most is sleep, followed by eating, but we all know at least 50% of her life is occupied around laughing, and the other half, probably also with laughing.

Our ‘chatterbox’ is the type of person who would give out a chuckle even before you tell the joke, so if you are somebody who is not funny, you can have your jokes validated through Hafsah who will quite literally laugh at anything

Travelling might be one of the very few things she likes doing when she’s not giggling. Swimming, drawing, and acting are some of her other hobbies; While we cannot know for sure about the initial two, I bet everybody at the office can surely acknowledge her skillset and extraordinary expertise in acting. She is so good at it that you can barely tell the difference between when she is acting and when she is not :p

With a BBA marketing undergraduate degree (which is pretty hard to believe, I know), she is a valuable member of Team Digital Khokha and the office environment; being one of the few people who can lighten up the mood at work and help you get through a tough and exhausting day at the office

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