Saaf shafaf DK ki Nazar

Letting you in on DK’s secret to a clean and fresh office, we introduce you to Maheen Shakeel, our “Miss OCD”.

Having completed her degree in Mass Communication and Education from FCCU, Maheen works as a Creative Manager at the Digital Khokha. Her work entails handling innovative and diverse ideas that would help your brand grow immensely, whether it concerns penetrating into a new market or adding a bit of extra imagination to your already existing marketing strategy. The next time you see those flashy ads going around on our client’s campaign that gets everybody, you know where they are coming from.

She is also a reader, likes painting and would be ready to stay at home for a week if you give her comfort food.

Moreover, she’s a fan of scented candles but we all know she obviously put this in her portfolio to hint you about what she wants as a gift on her next birthday. (I shouldn’t be telling you this but she also emphasized on Sanitizer’s importance in her life so maybe you can gift her that too, if you’re broke)

An interesting thing about her is that she hates mobile phones and social media but her entire profession revolves around working on social media (we also see her using her phone during breaks so…kisi ne sahi kaha tha “Kuch bhi dikhaya ja saqta ha”.

Any introduction to our multi-talented creative manager would be incomplete without the mention of her fondness of flowers and taking their picture, so here’s a bit of flex for that.

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