DK’s Golden Boy

Zartash Jahan is our one and only HR manager. Known as “Circuit” (heads up for all the Munna Bhai fans) here at DK family, he is probably one of the most likable guys at the office (just putting this on here so he happily grants me leave the next time I ask for it).

From managing company policies to hiring new workers, he gets the job done for you. Beware to not piss off our martial artist during an interview, though, or you might just have to go back home with more than just a rejection ;).

He also manages the attendance and payroll of the employees very efficiently. *Inserts* bOhaT naZuk SurAt e HaAl ha. Zartash also supervises employer and employee relations very promptly, but we all know that it mostly revolves around him telling everybody ‘yar bois Saturday on krna ka matlab on krna ha’.

Our Munna Bhai’s circuit is also your go-to person to get updates on emerging trends and technology in the automotive industry (Like every cool boy ever). He’s a car enthusiast with a weak spot for convertibles – minds you, definitely not his only weak spot. His weak spots aside, he can surely pin down on your weak spots, having earned a blue belt in Taekwondo.

Zartash is also very into hip hop music so being friends with him means Kali city me yess mess gaanon k uper vibe krna. Not only that, but he also loves traveling and exploring new places (And also doing assignments for his dad but we don’t talk about that).

Working at DK is his first job experience, which he considers to be friendly and learning experience

Tu ye the DK k circuit, directors k circuit, hum sab k circuit, Zartash Jahan.

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