Fashion se Don tak ka Safar

Introducing you to one of our finest, ‘Adan Imtiaz’. Or better known as “Chota Don” here at DK. Working as a Content Manager, Adan plays an essential role in Dk’s success with her creative ideas and content that never fails to impress her clients. With her professional mindset, dedication and experience in various dimensions, she has successfully made her mark as DK’s top employs (just kidding, we all know it’s obviously because of her Badmashi instincts so the designers get her work done first 😉

Hamari Don sirf naam se hi choti hain, magar kaam inke bare hi hain. Designing clothes is not only a hobby for her but also a family business. Definitely cashing in on all the ‘major’ fashion designing courses she has completed.

According to her, she’s very passionate about makeup. She says her life literally revolves around makeup. Hmmmmm, does it really?

At least the good news is that she not only likes doing make up on herself, but also you. Jee han, agr ap marketing k sath sath pyare hona chahte hain tu inke paas aa saqte hain.

Our chota don is also your go to person for updates on fashion trends, be it clothes, bags or shoes. Exploring new restaurants and dining out is also one of her niches, but she would probably eat too much and then refuse to move. Nevertheless, going out with her is always fun.

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