Life with Umair

To get out-of-the-box results we hire outstanding people and that’s how we have made our exceptional team.

Let’s meet the guy who has all the Jugars to your problems “Umair Bin Khalid”.

He is called by the name “Jugaru” at DK because of his outstanding problem-solving techniques.

Umair is working as a strategy head here at DK. Hein you the srf 22 saal kei lekin achievements inki 50 saal ki hein. He crafts strategies for our clients so they can grow and make an impact on the market. He’s pro at converting potential clients into clients. Koi bhi client inkay haath se nai jata. 😉

He also manages the attendance and payroll of the employees very efficiently. *Inserts* bOhaT naZuk SurAt e HaAl ha. Zartash also supervises employer and employee relations very promptly, but we all know that it mostly revolves around him telling everybody ‘yar bois Saturday on krna ka matlab on krna ha’.

Our Munna Bhai’s circuit is also your go-to person to get updates on emerging trends and technology in the automotive industry (Like every cool boy ever). He’s a car enthusiast with a weak spot for convertibles – minds you, definitely not his only weak spot. His weak spots aside, he can surely pin down on your weak spots, having earned a blue belt in Taekwondo.

Umair is not only an exception at work but also excels at life out of office. He has not only won our hearts but also has won many medals in swimming competitions.

But wait…the show doesn’t stop here! Bro swimming kei saath saath soccer aur football mein bhi pro hein. He was even in his school soccer team and played a few inter-school matches, though he did not pursue it as his career, but he still plays it as a hobby.

Let talk about the love of  his life…CARS OF COURSE!

 He is deeply involved in the car business, he’ll hunt down the best cars for you!.Being a big time car lover and experimenting on his own car,  he also knows how to repair a car or add modifications to it.

Along with these all capabilities bhai main racer ban’nay ki bhi bohat potential hai!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a video proof

With all these fun activities he has a very good sense of humor which makes him a fun guy to be around. DK ki ronaqein inhi se hein!

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