Into the World of DK’s Bugs Bunny

Hasham is one of our liveliest team members here at Digital Khokha. Dubbed Bugs Bunny by the office, given his uncanny resemblance to the fan-favourite cartoon character, he’s proven to be an invaluable addition to the DK family over the past 4 months.

Having done a specialised course in graphic design, he realised his true passion for the craft after joining Digital Khokha. He accredits his current skill level [which is what we’d call ‘pro’ :p] to the support he received from the DK family.

Although it’s funny to think that his addition to DK might have not even happened if it weren’t for the nudging of one of Hasham’s friends [we’re thankful for you unnamed saint XD] – legend has it that he was just about to give up on coming in on his first day [YES itni jaldi hee himmat haar gaye thay] because according to him the office didn’t quite look like an office from the outside [guess we hadn’t learnt not to judge by looks yet ????] – nevertheless we’re proud to announce that the office did meet Hasham’s approval when he entered and in his words “mahol banna hua tha”.

Hasham’s reputation at the office, besides that of an exceptional graphic designer, is that of a heartbroken emo boi – given his questionable music choice almost exclusively consisting of breakup songs – and so we’re forced to ask: all good Hasham? His speed when leaving the office after collecting things forgotten in his rush [to go out on romantiC escaPadeS perhaps ????] doesn’t seem to help his case – subjecting him to some much deserved looks of suspicion by the rest of the office ????.

All in all, Hasham is definitely a force to be reckoned with in terms of his design sense and execution style – a multi-faceted individual we’re grateful to have on board!

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